Over the years we have been commissioned by the same Clients to undertake several projects to this house which is part of a substantial Georgian Terrace circa 1720. The house is considered by English Heritage to be of outstanding historic interest and is listed grade II*, the highest listing for a domestic property.

Works to the house include a new kitchen and alterations to the rear elevation, replacing a French door with a wider bespoke door and screen. Internally, the existing shutters have been removed and replaced by new bespoke sliding shutters.

We also added a substantial garage to the rear garden which is served by a long and narrow access road from the rear. This road is too narrow to allow vehicles to turn easily resulting in most cars having to reverse out. The brief was for the new garage to be constructed large enough to accommodate two prestige cars. The design was developed to respond to strict conservation guidelines as well as a difficult site including a mature and protected pear tree adjacent to the new proposed structure.

Viewed from the house, the new building appears as a natural addition which blends into the landscaped garden harmoniously. From the access road, the functional aspects of the scheme become apparent; a large overhead sliding door opens to reveal a vehicular turntable.